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Johannesburg Training Schedule

Comprehensive nanny training

Below is a list of upcoming comprehensive nanny training in Johannesburg. Find a location and time that suits your schedule.

Dates Venue Course Detail Class Day Time Price Register
21st & 28th September FULLY BOOKED Sandton 2 day Comprehensive Nanny Training
2 modules a day for 2 consecutive Mondays.
Monday 08:00 - 17:00 R1950 Register
22nd & 29th September FULLY BOOKED Randburg 2 day Comprehensive Nanny Training
2 modules a day for 2 consecutive Tuesday.
Tuesday 08:00 - 17:00 R1950 Register
19th & 26th October Sandton 2 day Comprehensive Nanny Training
2 modules a day for 2 consecutive Mondays.
Monday 08:00 - 17:00 R1950 Register
20th October & 3rd November Randburg 2 day Comprehensive Nanny Training
2 modules a day for 2 consecutive Tuesday.
Tuesday 08:00 - 17:00 R1950 Register

Cooking classes for your nanny

Below is a list of upcoming group cooking classes for nannies. We’re proud to be able to offer this wonderful, relaxed and fun cooking class. The classes are informal and fun! No culinary trick questions and no exams. Designed to boost confidence and get comfy in the kitchen – good old fashioned, hands on learning!

Dates Venue Course Detail Class Day Time Price Register
22nd & 29th October Blairgowrie Group Cooking Class for Nannies
Half day training 2 consecutive days.
Thursday 9:00 - 15:00 R1650 Register

Domestic Water safety awareness

This is an exciting new course designed with home helpers in mind. It’s a wonderful interactive course where nannies get to learn the fundementals of water awareness.

In partnership with Leigh’s Swimming AcADemy.

Location: Bordeaux South, Randburg

Founded by Leigh Driemel, mother of two and swim safety fanatic. Leigh has built the school as well as the friendly environment from scratch, based on strong beliefs of teaching thought, with each and every pupil’s needs considered. Classes are structured around swimming capabilities of all learners to ensure they benefit fully from their lessons. Our Instructors are fully Swim South Africa accredited with extensive training and ongoing tutoring by Leigh. We have two enclosed heated swimming pools allowing us to swim year round.

Dates Venue Course Detail Class Day Time Price Register
To be confirmed Bordeaux Domestic Water Awareness
1 hour 15 minutes lessons over 4 consecutive Wednesday mornings.
Wednesday 10:30 am - 11:45 pm R950 Register

Training FAQ


You can choose between a 2 day course or a 4 week course. The comprehensive nanny training course covers four modules. In the 2 day course we cover all four modules over 2 full days. The 4 week course is held one morning each week over 4 consecutive weeks. We cover a single module each week.

English is not my nannies first language?

We have a diverse group of nannies attending our workshops: Xhosa, Afrikaans, Malawian, Zimbabwean etc. so our courses are taught in English to accommodate the entire group. The nannies are usually second language English speakers and the workshop is designed to be taught practically in an interesting, fun manner so our nannies can understand what is being covered.


We recommend that you drop your nanny off on the first day so that we can meet you and you can see where we are doing the training. Our training venues are situated near public transport and are on the taxi route so nannies can make their own way.


We have nanny training venues in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town. Please review our schedule for venue address and dates for the nanny training course available.

We are looking at expanding into different areas once we find the right nanny trainers to join our nanny agency. Please email us if you are interested in setting up a nanny training program in your area. Please review our area list here.


Absolutely. Your nanny receives a certified Super Nanny certificate upon successful completion of the course. The first aid and CPR component is recognized by the Resuscitation Council of South Africa and American Heart Association. This nanny training certificate is well recognised and will assist them with future job employment.



All our nanny trainers have a facilitation or teaching qualification or are first aid instructors under the Resuscitation Council of SA. All Super Nanny trainers have to have some type of teacher or training background.


Yes there is homework and a skills evaluation test. The classes are tailored so that the nannies have a chance to put into practice what they have learned that week and time to complete their homework. We are in contact via email with the employers on a weekly basis during the nanny training workshops so that they have a clear understanding of what content we have covered. The employer will be able to understand how their nanny is doing on the course when they review their homework and will be able to see what input is required by them.


No, our nanny training courses are not SETA accredited.

Our nanny training manual is dynamic and is updated yearly by a team of experts that include an OT, two midwives, two pre-primary school teachers and a trained first aid facilitator. Super Nannies is endorsed by the Polkaspot early intervention centre (

Our first aid content is endorsed by the American Heart Association and Resuscitation of SA. Super Nannies prefers to have this flexibility than the rigid outcome process of SETA. SETA works best for big educational institutes who have to work with in a standard quality framework. Corporates can benefit from SETA with the rebate incentive program by sending their employers on SETA courses. Our market is not corporate companies but domestic nannies in a home environment so this module does not accommodate us.

As a small company, Super Nannies can maintain our standard of training and quality of content regularly with the team of experts at hand. We review our nanny training manuals annually and all our trainers do come either with a teaching or first aid instructor background.

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