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UIF and your domestic worker – What you need to know

Jun 21, 2017Nanny Placements

What you need to know about UIF for domestic nannies.

UIF for your nanny or domestic is mandatory. Below you’ll find some guidelines to help you get registered. We’re happy to assist if you need help.

  • Employers need to back pay UIF for existing domestic workers
  • Registering for a UIF number can take up to 5 weeks as it has to go to Pretoria
  • You can either pay monthly or annually towards UIF
  • If you are employing a new domestic worker you can use the same UIF number (as an employer, you use the same number regardless of who or how many people you employ) but you need to send forms with the new domestic worker details to Pretoria again
  • Employees cannot claim from UIF if they leave their jobs without notice or abscond
  • The employee is entitled to pay 1% of their monthly salary to UIF and you as an employer are entitled to pay 1% from your own pocket to UIF

UIF call centre in Pretoria for domestic nannies:

Contact person is George Swanepoel
Ph: 012-3371680
Fax:  0866308225

How to get online with UIF and pay your domestic nanny?

Employers must register themselves and their nannies with the UIF and pay their contribution every month. UIF provides security to workers when they become unemployed.

Is your domestic nanny applicable for UIF:

The Unemployment Insurance Act and Unemployment Insurance Contributions Act apply to all employers and workers, but not to:

  • workers working less than 24 hours a month for an employer;
  • learners;
  • public servants;
  • foreigners working on contract;
  • workers who get a monthly State (old age) pension; or
  • workers who only earn commission.

Nannies and domestic workers are included under the Act since 1 April 2003.

The UIF terms and conditions for domestic nannies:

  • Employers must register themselves and their worker(s) as soon as they employ someone.
  • Employers must deduct 1% of their workers’ pay for UIF.
  • Employers must pay the 1% they deducted from workers, together with 1% from themselves to the UIF or SARS before the 7th of every month.

How to get online with UIF for your domestic nanny.

  1. The unemployment Insurance Fund has introduced an online process called UFiling –
  2. In order to be able to get online, you need to apply for an UIF reference number. Employers need to be registered with the UIF and have a UIF number prior to activating their profile on uFiling –

How to do this

It is the employers’ responsibility to fill in and send the forms to register themselves and their workers.

The employer needs to fill out 2 forms:

  1. UI – 19 Application for registration as an employer of domestic employee
  2. UI 8D Employers Declaration of Employees with the Employee’s details

The forms need to be faxed to (012) 337-1636 or submitted at any branch of the UIF which is closest to the employer. The telephone numbers are given on the form. Remember you won’t have a UIF reference number for UI 8D form but fill out what you can and fax it though

You will have to wait a few weeks but you should receive a letter from the Department of Labour confirming your registration. The letter will include a UIF reference number and a brochure providing you with step by step instructions on how to register as an uFiler.


Your existing UIF reference number is the key to your registration on uFiling. Click on register and the system will guide you through the registration process.

The registration process takes 24 hrs and confirmation will be sent to you by SMS or Email.

On Filing you can:

  • Declare new employees
  • Add/Edit employees details
  • Set up your banking details
  • Make monthly payments

For more information please visit:,za

For frequently asked questions on UIF please click here:

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