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Super Nannies childcare roles

We are very fortunate in South Africa to have the option of hiring a domestic nanny at a reasonable cost compared to overseas.  Finding the right nanny is vital to managing your family life in a happier, productive manner. Our nanny agents know how difficult it can be to have a new nanny in the home however we also know when you find that right person, what a difference it does make to your family life.

It’s always beneficial to indicate what your top three family requirements as there is no perfect nanny. Our nanny agency’s aim is to match as closely as possible to your first few requirements.

There are some subtle differences when it comes to the job description of child carers. Super Nannies has listed the different childcare roles:


  • A domestic nanny
  • A nanny or child carer
  • An aupair

Super Nannies childcare roles:

Please note that this is a 2015 guideline. The job descriptions are not set in stone and can change depending on the individual or family requirements.

Job Title Description Education Average Salary Driving Housework Childcare Cooking Language Skills
DOMESTIC NANNY A person whose responsibilities include caring for young children and doing cleaning in the home. Minimum education R4500+ p/month No Yes but generally light work as she has to balance childcare and housework Yes Yes/No English and Afrikaans are normally second languages
NANNY OR CHILDCARER A person whose responsibilities only include caring for young children and doing perhaps some light housework Minimum education R5000+ p/month No Yes but housework associated with the children. Sorting toys, laundry and ironing. Yes Yes – cooking the children or family meals. English and Afrikaans are normally second languages.
AUPAIR Normally a young student studying at University or a mature person, no housework included Tertiary education R55 - R70 p/hour No No Yes. Playing, helping with homework and driving the children to extra mural activities. Yes – cooking the children’s meals. English and/or Afrikaans are normally first languages.

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