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Housekeeping Course for Domestic Workers

A practical course for domestic workers, housekeepers and nannies.

Feeling frustrated! Your house is not getting cleaned the way you would like it too. You feel like you are repeating yourself over and over again. Super Nannies is here to help. We are offering an affordable cleaning course for your domestic worker. The course will transform your home into a smooth running household and we will help your domestic worker, housekeeper or char understand how you would like your home to be cleaned and tidied up.

We train your domestic worker in your house. This is a practical course where  hand on training is provided so you can immediately see the difference.

Routines are important in every household and we will show your domestic worker, char, housekeeper or maid, when and how to organise, sort out and tidy up as well as create routines designed to suit your style.

How we train your domestic worker, char, maid, housekeeper to clean properly.

We follow a 4 step process. Understand the brief. Introduce a cleaning methodology. Provide some theoretical guidance and finally, we conduct practical training going through your house room by room.

Step 1: The Cleaning Brief

understanding your household and cleaning requirements

Our trainer will meet with you, the employer. Here we will take a comprehensive brief and tour the house with you to understand your cleaning requirements. Our trainer has a checklist which helps her cover all elements of training and the cleaning areas which she will need to train the domestic worker, char, housekeeper, maid or  nanny on.

Step 2: The Cleaning Methodology

what it means to be “Super Cleaner”

This is a short theoretical part of the course. Here your domestic worker or char will be taught practical and useful information that will make her job easier. It is important that your domestic worker, char, maid, housekeeper or nanny understands what the basic skills of cleaning are and why we implement them. It is much easier to change a bad habit in cleaning when one understands the reasoning behind the task before changing the approach to cleaning.

Step 3: Hands on approach

cleaning and tidying up room by room

The trainer will go through your home one room at a time and practically work through the checklist while training your domestic worker, char, maid, housekeeper or nanny on the areas which have been highlighted as problem areas.

Step 4: The follow up

Ensuring ongoing effectiveness

We can do a follow up with you and your domestic worker, char, maid, nanny or housekeeper after two weeks and cover any issues that may have been missed and which we may need to further clarify.

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