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Carers Course

This course is for people wanting to become Carers, this is not your average carers course! You will leave this course empowered and will be able to actually care effectively for these types of patients and individuals needing care.

The course covers Carers looking after:

  • Babies – from general care to sleep and milestones and stimulation
  • Elderly – Frail care from bathing to signs and symptoms of various illnesses such as High blood pressure ; dehydration; Diabetic care; food hygiene; medications; companionship etc. 
  • Post-Surgical – patients discharged from hospital- mobilisation; wound care; signs and symptoms of infection etc.
  • Terminal patients – providing a safe caring environment; respectful attentiveness for patient and family ; comfort and pain free.
  • Paralysed patients (Quadriplegics and Paraplegics)- Pressure part care ; bathing; feeding; stimulation and passive exercise; transport of patients in wheel chairs and with assisted equipment.
  • Stroke patients.
  • Patients with various illnesses and diseases.
  • Certified CPR and first aid course endorsed by Resus Council of South Africa.
  • Fire Safety 

COSTR6 500 for the full 9 week course followed by a three week practical section in a care facility.

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