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Partner Listing

We’re proud to be associated with partners in our community who share our values and are driven by a passion to help others.

We have seen nannies transform in their role of carer, understanding what a crucial part they have to play in a child’s development – not only yours but theirs as well!

Nanny ‘n Me

Nanny ‘n Me offer weekly group sessions for nannies and children aged 0-3 years. The sessions are an hour long and provide opportunities for engaging in age appropriate PLAY. The activities reflect the interests and developmental stage of the child. There is an emphasis on positively influencing the nanny and child relationship as well as encouraging ongoing input at home where a learning environment is promoted. Nannies learn about developmental concepts week by week and receive certificates every block. Moms receive a weekly email explaining the activities and enjoy seeing photos of their child so they don’t miss out on the fun!

The programme has been designed by an Occupational Therapist it addresses the specific skills needed as a foundation to school readiness as we know what areas are most commonly is referred to OTs for therapy.

Designed to boost confidence and get comfy in the kitchen – good old fashioned, hands on learning!

Home Cooking

Established in January 2015 we have trained over 200 domestic workers to cook wonderfully wholesome family meals. Our cooking classes are informal and fun! No culinary trick questions and no exams. Designed to boost confidence and get comfy in the kitchen – good old fashioned, hands on learning!

We offer group and private classes

The group classes are run once a week for four weeks. The groups are limited to only 8 learners per class – this way each learner gets the most out of the course and lots of opportunity to practice, make notes and ask questions. We have a WhatsApp group for each class in order to support one another and share our creations when the course is finished!

For the learners who are unable to attend group classes during the week, we offer private classes on weekends. The course material is the same but the course is run over two full days instead of four shorter days.

Fun filled classes – hands on learning. Putting healthy, wholesome meals on your table. 

We’re based in Parkhurst with easy access to popular transport routes. Our classes are held Once a week for four weeks. New courses start at the beginning of each month. Typically the classes run on Tuesdays but dates may change and will be available on the Supernannies website.

At Toptots we provide stimulating ideas with the emphasis on fun.


Toptots Mother and Child Workshops have been empowering parents and caregivers with the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare their children for school and for life for over twenty years. Lessons of an hour-and-a-half once a week provide parents/caregivers with the opportunity to spend quality time with their children in a warm, friendly and secure environment. During our classes, parents/ caregivers learn how to teach their own children vital skills such as crossing the midline, bilateral hand function, problem-solving, auditory and visual discrimination and much more, as all classes are guided by a trained teacher using age-appropriate and fun activities. This provides both parents/ caregivers and children with a positive enriching experience during which they may bond and grow together. Creative activities, messy play, music time are all part of the package, as well as time for the children to learn to interact with one another. Our activities are arranged according to the specific needs and age level of the child. We understand what they can and cannot do and which areas are important to develop. At Toptots we provide stimulating ideas with the emphasis on fun.

All the things that you do with your life end when your life ends, except for what you do to shape and create the future. Children represent unlimited potential for the future. By positively influencing a child, you will change the destiny of the world into infinity. | 

©Toptots Early Learning SA 1999

For more information and branch contact details on a workshop near you, please visit our website –

Teaching and nurturing each and every pupil according to their needs in a fun and safe environment.

Leigh’s Swimming Academy (lSA)

Founded by Leigh Driemel, Mother of two and swim safety fanatic. Leigh has built the school as well as the friendly environment from scratch, based on strong beliefs of teaching thought, with each and every pupil’s needs considered. Classes are structured around swimming capabilities of all children to ensure they benefit fully from their lesson.

Our Instructors are fully Swim South Africa accredited with extensive training and ongoing tutoring by Leigh. Our enthusiastic team engage with all children both in and out the pool and believe there is nothing more satisfying than watching kids and adults learn one of life’s most fundamental skills.

Our initial focus is ensuring WATER SAFETY. Babies from the age of 6 months are ready to join in our Babies Swimming Lessons and we welcome adults to enrole in Learn to Swim classes as well as aqua aerobics classes.

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