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Nanny Placements

How we work

Super Nannies is a nanny training and placement agency. We specialize in placing reputable domestic nannies.
We are recommended by baby clinics, midwives and parents in South Africa. We cater for busy working parents and families who are on the go and who may need a nanny or domestic worker to help them manage their busy schedules.

Our placement agents are mothers themselves. Our aim is to ensure that we place a reputable nanny to care for your child or children in the comfort and safety of your home.

Please fill out the nanny placement registration form so we can understand your priorities and preferences in choosing a nanny.

What is a nanny?

Her focus is primarily on child care, but she is also prepared to undertake general domestic duties. Usually full time, 40-45 hours a week, depending on whether the position is sleep in or sleep out.

A child carer deals exclusively with the children and she is not expected to do housework.

A domestic worker general responsibilities are to clean and tidy the house and it may also include laundry and ironing.

For a more detailed breakdown of the different nanny roles and responsibilties, please take a look at this article.

Nanny Placement Services

We screen all candidates extensively, check references and interview them personally. This includes ensuring that they speak and understand English and that they have had experience caring for children.

You may also contact the references yourself if you so wish.

  • We will arrange for you to interview up to 3 candidates in your own home, at your convenience.
  • We are happy to advise you on all aspects of the process, e.g. deciding what your needs are, interview questions etc.
  • We ask that candidates traveling by public transport, to be reimbursed for their traveling expenses, usually R30.  We offer a 3 day trial period to ascertain the suitability of the candidate.
  • We provide you with the UIF forms.
  • We offer an ongoing mediation and support service to help maintain a positive working relationship.
  • We guarantee that during a three month replacement period, should you or the chosen candidate decide to terminate your employment relationship, we will replace her.

We also offer various nanny training courses –  should you wish to educate your nanny or domestic worker further.  We offer a 10% discount should you wish to train one of our placed candidates. Sign up here to book your nanny today!

Placement Registration

Let us know your preferences. We'll use the information you provide to find your super nanny!

How can we help?

Feel free to ask a question or simply leave a comment.

Placements FAQ

What is your registration fee? Is it a once off fee?

Like most domestic nanny agencies in South Africa, we do charge an initial registration fee for the administration associated with the initial nanny placement process. We do not charge our nannies a registration fee as many of them are unemployed and cannot afford it.


We offer a three month guarantee period valid for one placement effective from the date that the employee commences employment with the client. If the employment relationship is terminated within the first three months of the placement, Super Nannies shall not charge an additional fee for this second placement.


We call up all references whether it is a number that is given to us or a letter of referral. Our screening process comes with specifically designed and detailed questionnaire to ensure there is no fraud. All work experience and references have been recent as in the last two years. Once a nanny has completed her trial and you would like to hire her we can provide the last employers contact details so you may also talk to them. We are all mothers in the business of placing nannies. If we feel uneasy about any reference, we will not take the candidate onboard as the safety of your children is always top priority.


As part of the interview process, we do insist on a 1-3 day trial with your domestic nanny. We believe this to be the “real interview” as this is when you as an employer can assess whether the nanny fits into your family and relates well to you and your children. The agency can check her references in terms of honesty and reliability but we cannot ensure a personality match without a trial. We are in the business of people which includes many personalities so a trial is an important part of the interview process.



We charge 12% of the annual salary of a permanent placement. This is a once off fee and it comes with a service level agreement and 3 month guarantee period. This does not include the wage to the nanny.


We charge R750 for the first month whether the temporary nanny placement is 3 days or 3 weeks. Thereafter we charge R250 a month. Our temporary nanny placements are suitable for families on holiday or families who need a nanny while their nanny is off sick or on maternity leave. Placing a nanny in a temporary role entails the same amount of work as a permanent domestic nanny placement. We have to be just as thorough and careful as we are dealing with children. To ensure it is worth our while from a business point of view we have to charge accordingly.


Yes we can. We encourage our clients to join UIF online. It’s a simple and effective online process. We provide you with the two registration documents you are required to fill in. To find out more please read UIF online. As for contracts, we assist you closely here. We work with a labour lawyer to ensure all our paperwork is legally correct for both us and our clients.

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