15 important nanny rules

15 Rules all Nannies Should Know.

Here is a list of general ground rules we think all nannies should know. The golden rule is don’t assume they know this. As a parent, it is worth taking a few minutes and running through the ground rules that are important to you, your family and that fit into your value system.  
  1. Nannies should never drink alcohol or smoke at the employer’s home or in the presence of children at any time.
  2. Nannies should never smack a child.
  3. Nannies should never help themselves to household goods without asking the employer first.
  4. Nannies should not use TV as a source of entertainment during any time of the day unless the parents stipulate otherwise.
  5. Nannies should never give the child any medicine without informing the parents first.
  6. If a nanny wakes up feeling sick and is unable to come to work, a nanny should call at least an hour before she would normally start work to inform her employer so the employer can make a backup plan for the day.
  7. If she is late for work she should inform her employer before or on the hour she should be starting work and not later.
  8. A nanny should never feed a weaning baby anything other than what the mother has prescribed.
  9. A nanny should always wash her hands as soon as she walks through the door and before she picks up the baby. 
  10.  A nanny must always wear gloves when blood is present –either a wound on her hand or blood on the child.
  11. A nanny should always inform the parents where she is, should she leave the house with the child i.e. in the form of a note or call if she is going for a walk, visiting a neighbour or going to a park.
  12. Should a child fall ill, have a fever, be vomiting or have diarreah, the nanny should inform the parents immediately.
  13. A nanny should never leave a child alone around water or alone in the house even for a few minutes i.e. to hang up the washing.
  14. A nanny should never alter a child’s appearance ie cut a child’s hair or a baby nails without asking the mom first.
  15. A nanny should never go outside with the child – i.e. garden or park without sunscreen, hat and liquids (juice, water, milk) especially in summer.
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