Basic Guide to Working Hours and Wages for Nannies and Domestic workers.

Working hours and wages - a basic guide.

Since I have been placing nannies, we have learnt that many new mothers are unfamiliar with the basic guide to working hours and wages regarding a nanny. Generally moms especially first time mothers are either ignorant or either so taken up with the emotional estrangement of having to leave their child in the hands of a stranger – their new nanny - that  they are unable to recognize the value of the domestic work in society. The mothers fail to realize that the nannies do sit at the bottom of the pay line and that they are the worst affected by the current economic crisis. Their basic needs – paying for transport,  obtaining food for their family, keeping warm are essentials that are instantly compromised. Unfortunately their loyalty to their employer’s family is also easy misplaced by having to meet their basic needs of survival, they will easily and quickly leave a current job for better money. I have put together a basic guide to the working hours and wages concerning nannies and domestic workers. This is for mothers who have a nanny or who are looking for a nanny to look after their child. Surely it pays to look after the person who cares for your most precious being – your child. This is a compilation of labour law guidelines and market related figures. I hope these guideline will improve the livelihoods of those who are worst off, help retain jobs; and help parents recognize the value and role of domestic workers and nannies in our society.

What we cover:

1.     What is the average wage in 2009

2.     What are the normal hours of WORK

3.     How do the meals work?

4.     Rest Periods

5.     Leave

6.     UIF

7.     HIV in the workplace

8.     Termination of employment

Please read our basic guide to working hours and wages for nannies.


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